A Look At How Your Restaurant Can Use Videos To Increase Brand Awareness Among All Personality Types.

This is the age of Social Media, where brands and businesses have a strong presence on most social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. to engage their audience and generate brand awareness.

This is especially true for restaurants across the world. By sharing the latest discounts, images of special dishes and other related visual content, restaurants today are successfully promoting their service and generating more awareness.

Both images and videos are equally useful to engage the audience, but when it comes to the question of which is the best content marketing medium – videos win, mainly because they cater to all personality types among the audience. To further understand this point, let us first elaborate on the different personality types.

The Three Main Personality Types

According to Charles Faulkner, all people fall into three main personality types – The Auditory, The Visual and the Kinesthetic. These three personality types are present in all people, but in different proportions.

The Auditory Personality Types are those whose sense of hearing is stronger than the other senses. Such people need to hear or repeat information to truly grasp its meaning.

The Visual Personality Types are those whose sense of sight is stronger than the other senses. Such people need to see to understand and remember information.

And finally, the Kinesthetic Personality Types are the rarest of them all and their sense of touch is stronger than the other senses. These people need to touch or feel to truly comprehend information.

How Can Restaurant Videos Cater To The Different Personality Types?

By using images, your restaurant is only catering to the Visual Personality Type. But through a combination of sound and visuals, videos can easily convey information to Audio and Visual Personality Types, thus reaching out to a larger audience.

Though, it is hard to convey information to the Kinesthetic Personality Types through videos, restaurants can still reach out to them with video testimonials and demonstrations that portray the personality and ambience of the restaurant – this could in turn entice this personality type to feel the vibe of your restaurant in person.

This is why, be it cooking demonstrations, or customer testimonials or promotions, majority of restaurants are now opting for videos to promote their service on social media and on their websites.

 So do you agree that videos can effectively reach out to all personality types, making it one of the most effective means to generate awareness on your restaurant? Let us know your thoughts below.

Reference: The Three Personality Types By Charles Faulkner

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