How To Generate More Traffic To Your Hotel Website Using The Hooked Model By Nir Eyal.

Everybody knows that Search Engine Optimization helps bring quality traffic to your Hotel website. With keyword rich, search relevant content and a clear call to action, your website can convert probable leads to quality customers. But what if you could generate more traffic by influencing consumer behavior?

The Hooked Model by Nir Eyal

The Hooked Model by Nir Eyal mainly helps people and businesses to shape their user presence & attitude and to create habit-forming products and services. The 4 steps of the Hooked Model can be explained as follows:

  • Trigger: It all begins with a trigger, something that sparks the audience’s attention. These triggers can be external, like word-of-mouth, or internal like emotions and routine.
  • Action: Once the trigger is set, the next step is action. Action is the simplest behavior in anticipation of a reward and depends on the motivation of the audience, the strength of the trigger and the ability to perform the action.
  • Reward: Once the action is undertaken, the customers will expect an immediate reward, which could be tribe rewards, rewards of the hunt or achievement rewards.
  • Investment: After the reward, investment is the next step that loads in the next trigger, turning the model into a continuous cycle.

Can Hotels Form Habits?

The Hooked Model can be applied not only to physical products, but also to larger, more expensive and infrequent purchases like a Hotel room. But there is a slight difference.

When it comes to the Hotel business, the purchase of a Hotel room comes from a conscious thought and not from regular habit. So for Hotels in the GCC, the main aim must be to focus on other aspects of the customers’ experience and find ways to make these experiences a habit.

Hooking The Audience

The key to hooking the target audience of your Hotel is to find ways to engage them more frequently and generate small habits that will then eventually lead to booking a room at your Hotel.

One way to do this could be to provide specific information that your audience seeks.

Example 1:  From the beginning of September, you could highlight the main events and entertainment options that are happening as a part of the Eid celebrations around your Hotel location. This would act as a ‘trigger’, which would entice your target audience to visit your site, where you could provide a ‘call to action’ – like ‘click here’ – to get more details. The customers will then be ‘rewarded’ with more information on the event. Satisfied customers will then keep coming to your website for more information. So if you were to provide a promotion offer during the 4 day Eid break, there is a likely chance that the audience will click on the offer, thus making your ‘invested’ time and effort worthwhile.

Another great idea would be to encourage visitors to avail a certain offer every week.

Example 2: Suppose your hotel organizes a ‘Ladies Night’ every week on Wednesday, where women can enjoy flat 25% off on food and drinks at your main restaurant. This will act as a ‘trigger’, encouraging women to visit your site every week on Wednesday, take ‘action’ by clicking on the ‘Get The Coupon’ button, and receiving the coupon in their email as a ‘reward’. This means a regular traffic will ensue to your site for the coupons every week. This ‘investment’ will prove useful, because this newly generated traffic is more likely to avail future promotions and offers on your Hotel rooms.

Since Hotels are experience-based services, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your Hotel offers experiences that live up to the expectations of the target audience. This, coupled with search engine optimized content and the regular interactions and engagements in the form of offers and information, will help the audience form a habit of visiting the site regularly, thus generating more traffic for your Hotel business and acting as a great investment for future Hotel bookings.

In what other ways do you think your Hotel can engage your target audience frequently and generate small habits? Do share your thoughts below.

Reference: The Hooked Model By Nir Eyal

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