A Look At How To Optimize Your PPC Campaign And Generate More Leads For Your Moving Business In The UAE Using The Build – Measure – Learn Loop.

Every organization, whether they deal with products or services, need new and quality leads to keep the business going. This in turn raises the requirement for effective lead generation campaigns that can meet the requirements of these organizations. And among the lead generation campaigns, Pay Per Click campaigns are commonly used by businesses in the UAE, mainly because it can ensure visibility by helping companies within the services industry to appear on relevant Google Search results with relative ease.

But to ensure that the Pay Per Click ad your moving service is using is effective, it is imperative that it features all the right keywords that your target audience would use.

But what if your PPC campaign is not producing the required results in spite of having all the right keywords? How do you know what went wrong and how do you fix it? This is where the BML Loop comes in handy.

Using The Build- Measure – Learn Loop For Moving Services – An Example

The Build – Measure – Learn Loop by Eric Ries offers a reliable method for testing and improving the digital marketing campaigns of your moving business.

To help explain how to use the BML Loop, let us take the example of a popular moving service in Dubai, WeMove. WeMove wanted to generate more quality leads for their business and PPC campaigns were one of the methods they chose to use.

Step 1: Creating and developing a hypothesis

While doing a preliminary keyword research, ‘Local, International, Moving Services and Dubai’ were found to be the most commonly searched keywords.

Now, based on these keywords, we developed a hypothesis stating that the WeMove PPC campaign, when using all these keywords, will generate 50 new leads.

Step 2: Building an effective campaign – in a minimal viable manner

Our next step was to build an effective PPC ad that included the keywords – ‘Local, International, Moving Services and Dubai’

The PPC ad read like:

Moving Services Dubai

Local And International Moving.

Professional Staff. Call Now!


Step 3: Measuring the result

Once we published the ad, our next step was to measure the results against benchmarks through a customized Local Media Lead Optimization Dashboard using Key Performance Indicators like CTR, CPM, CPL etc. Some of the tools and analysis frameworks used include A/B Testing VWO, Webmasters, Google Analytics, Adwords Editor etc.

Depending on the no. of clicks that converted to leads, it was found that the ad did not perform as well as the hypothesis stated. Majority of the clicks were from the American, Arab and Philippino communities and there were no clicks or conversions from the Indian or European communities in Dubai.

Step 4: Analyzing and learning

Upon further analysis, it was found that most people from the European and Indian community used the term ‘shifting’ while searching for moving services, since it was a more common usage than the term ‘moving’.

Now, because this term was not included as a keyword in the previous PPC ad, the Indian and European communities in Dubai missed out on seeing the ad.

This meant that a re-evaluation of the ad was necessary to improve the results.

Step 5: Adapting and building a new variation and running an AB Test

Based on the new findings, it was necessary to add the term ‘shifting’ to the PPC ad to reach out to the diverse audience of different nationalities in Dubai and the UAE.

So the PPC ad was changed to –

Moving Services Dubai

Local And International Shifting.

Professional Staff. Call Now!


Upon running an AB Test, it was found that this ad was performing better than the earlier one. This small change in the PPC ad actually helped WeMove gain more leads than before.

But the process does not end here.

The Build – Measure – Learn Loop by Eric Ries is a continuous process that involves analyzing and editing the campaigns to produce maximum results. This involves more building, more measuring and more learning until the campaign produces maximum results.

So, do you think the Build – Measure- Learn Loop can improve the PPC Campaigns for moving services and help them generate more leads? Do share your thoughts below.

Also, if you would like some expert guidance, do feel free to contact us. As one of the leading digital consultancy and marketing agencies in the UAE, we can help you generate quality online leads for your moving services.



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