How To Fascinate And Increase The Brand Awareness Of Your Apparel Business In The UAE With Stunning Online Displays.

Home to some of the biggest apparel brands in the world and with a digitally savvy audience who have a keen sense of fashion, there is little surprise why most apparel brands are digitally-driven in the UAE. They need to be tech–savvy and use the internet to their advantage, especially when it comes to display marketing strategies. Because, it is no longer enough to just sell clothes, they have to sell fashion experiences that their target audience can relate to.

Apparel businesses usually function in two ways, online – either their strategy is to provide affordable clothes at a great price or to provide trending, branded apparels that are in vogue. Either ways, it is crucial to have a strong online display.

The Art Of Fascination

Of the 7 Fascination triggers proposed by Sally Hogshead, ‘Passion’ is the main trigger used by fashion and apparel retailers to appeal to their target audience.

The Fascination trigger, ‘Passion’ mainly deals with attracting through emotion. So when it comes to online display marketing the key is to make things look perfect in such a way that it creates a lasting impression in the minds of the consumer.

The focus here is on the perceived value of the product, and not the real value of the product. What makes the customer so passionate about that particular blouse or shirt? – here lies the key to creating an amazing display marketing strategy for your apparel brand.

2 Proven Ways To Improve Your Online Display

Most apparel retailers who are successful online are the ones who have kept content as the focal point of their business. Based on the Fascination trigger ‘Passion’, casting a lasting impression on the customer is crucial to induce more purchases on your shopping portal. The key is to indirectly make the customer feel that they are not just buying a great dress, but the idea or image that the dress stands for.

1) Communicate More, Visually

Creating lasting impressions of your apparel, and letting your photos convey and convince your customers on the value of the product can go a long way in improving your brand awareness and gaining more customers.

Rather than uploading the image of a beautiful dress on a hanger, share an image where a cool girl is wearing the beautiful dress with matching earrings and shoes, looking all glamorous and ready to party. This image indirectly triggers ‘Passion’ in the minds of the customers looking at the image – because now, it is no longer just a beautiful dress, it is a symbol of success and glamour, something that every woman would love to own.

2) Using Videos To Inspire

Another great way to improve your online display would be to use videos to communicate more about your apparels. Videos give you more time to build and convey a story around your apparels. When a customer views your video, they get a glimpse of the aura that you are conveying, and if it resonates with them, they will definitely purchase the apparel.

For example, if you are featuring bohemian style apparels on your site, then developing a video with a bohemian touch, featuring related music and cool actors wearing the apparel and enjoying life, will help sway a customer interested in this fashion style to immediately purchase an item.

The secret to ‘wow’ ing your audience and building a successful e-commerce apparel business is to provide value to the customer so that they come back to buy more and share their amazing experience with friends and family on social media. This will not only improve your apparel business but also increase your brand awareness among your audience in the UAE.

So, do you think that the key to improving the brand awareness of your apparel business is to truly fascinate your audience with great display marketing tactics? Share your thoughts below.

Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Triggers

Sally Hogshead, in her book Fascination, states that whether in business or your personal life, you need to reach out and get the message across that you have something of value to offer, and you do that through fascination. She believes that understanding what fascinates your consumers is crucial to deliver value and the 7 fascination triggers, namely – Power, Passion, Alarm, Mystique, Prestige, Trust, Rebellion – aim to help your business do just that.

Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Triggers have been used as reference for developing this blog.

Image courtesy: Zara, United Arab Emirates,

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