This salon used a simple, short cycle, instant gratification viral loop to set off a viral chain that resulted in scores of customers filling the booking slots for months to come.

It’s time to take word-of-mouth to the viral age and incentivize it the right way.

Remember those days when word-of-mouth referrals played a major role in determining the success or failure of small services, like beauty salons – the more number of customer referrals, the more business for your beauty salon.

Though the game has slightly changed with the rise of social media, referrals still remain one of the most important components that drive traffic to your beauty salon website or social media pages and it is still important to:

  1. Offer a great beauty service, based on the latest trends and with all the latest beauty rituals and equipment.
  2. Listen to your customers’ requirements and ensure that they are extremely satisfied with the service.

Businesses like your beauty salon can get customers to refer your beauty service, which will in turn induce new customers to try out the service. These new customers will then turn into referrers who will refer your beauty service in the GCC to other new customers and so on – forming an unending loop, popularly called the viral loop.

Get a free service if you send this digital discount coupon to 5 of your friends now! If they book an appointment by the time your service finishes, you get 10% off on your next visit.

All the salon had to do was provide this special offer that not only encouraged existing customers to refer the salon to more friends, especially to avail the discounts and hampers, but also encouraged referred customers to visit the salon and try the beauty services, thus laying the foundation for future referrals.

But how do you entice your customers to refer your service to others? The main key lies in the quality of your service. A customer who is happy with your service will gladly refer it to others, but if you ask for a referral from a customer who just had an unhappy experience with your service, there are very few chances they would refer your service to others.

Now to get the great offer to the salon’s loyal customers…

The salon owner sent the digital discount coupon to the salon’s happy customers as a simple text and link over Facebook!

“It was really that simple! I now have dozens of new regulars at my salon, it’s amazing!”

The link led to a special landing page, which requested the customers to share the discount with more customers, who in turn will be led to the landing page, thus generating a viral loop that resulted in more traffic to the salon!

So do you think the viral referral loop used by this beauty salon owner will help generate more traffic to your beauty salon business in the GCC? Do share your thoughts below.

Reference: The Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg

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