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Communication is becoming more and more visual oriented with each passing day and content heavy strategies are giving way to more eye – catching visual communications without compromising on the quality of the message being conveyed.

Today, videos are being used for all sorts of communication purposes like describing a corporate brand or company, portraying testimonials on the effectiveness of the brand or the company, illustrating the highlights of an event, providing panoramic shots that showcase a brand or company etc. And with the presence of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, videos make it all the more easier to reach out to the audience.

But this calls for video developers who can get your audience to engage with you. And that’s where we come in. With more than 50 completed projects for a mammoth client list that include hotels, government institutions, energy drinks like Red Bull etc. and over 1000 hours of clocked production time, the Video Development team at Local Media can help you –


Convey complex concepts with ease

Add that wow factor to your online marketing initiatives and

Guarantee that, from now on, your brand communications will truly be a class apart

Video helps convey complex information more clearly

Video is more likely to go viral

1000+ Production Hours Clocked

We have over 1100 hours of production time clocked and filed with us. Extensive work with local and international clients.

6+ Long Term Relations

We helped mammoth organizations such as Red Bull organize successful events via compelling visual advertising.

50+ Completed Projects

Team Local Media has worked on 50+ projects requiring HD video production.

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